July 04, 2010

Fantasy Camp

OK, that was fun.

This afternoon I returned home from the inaugural "Jeff Capel Oklahoma Basketball Fantasy Camp," held July 1-4 in Norman. This entertaining NEWS9 clip tells about the camp:

When Coach Blake Griffin drafted me, I promised him I wouldn't let him down, assuring him, "What I lack in size, I make up for by being slow." Regrettably, a subsequent nail drill through my big toenail slowed me down even more, and I had to spend the final three games on the injured-reserve list. Despite Because of this development, Team Blake Griffin was able to claim the championship, defeating Team Alvan Adams today 68-61.

My fellow camper Jason Black has more about the camp here, including a great anecdote involving Wayman Tisdale's high-school coach and my uncle Bill. And if you go to the 0:26 mark of this clip, you'll see me dishing to Mike Houck for one of his many treys of the weekend.

Here's a picture taken Friday of #14 making a pass while Coach Griffin looks on.

Here's Coach Griffin drawing up a play.

Here's #14 pictured with coaches Blake Griffin, Kevin Bookout, and Michael Neal.

Here's Coach Blake Griffin saying, "Get Dutcher in there to run the point!" Or something like that.

Here's the coveted draft pick shown with the league commissioners on Draft Night.


  1. That's awesome...living a dream ; )

  2. Betsy Smith9:42 PM

    We are loving this post! Steve thinks you have enough game to challenge Obama ;)

  3. This was fun to read and watch. Thanks for posting. Sorry you got hurt, and early on too. Bummer. Looks like it was still the bomb. :)

  4. I just read the article too. I love what your Uncle Bill did at the auction. . .it says a lot about him. How proud you must be to be his nephew! I think it's very (for lack of a better word) cool that the two of you did the camp together.


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