Feeding the Kitties

Several weeks ago we were in Bartlesville and had just left Murphy's one evening to go to Kiddie Park. We drove through downtown Bartlesville, reminiscing and pointing things out to the kids ("There's the old train station. There's where Curtis Sports used to be. There's the old Union Bank where your dad used to work in the summertime.")  We saw stores that have closed, and new shops and restaurants that have popped up. I have good memories of those downtown shops, although most of the ones I remember have now closed. I remember being in junior high and walking with my friends to Rexall Drugstore to get makeup and then going down to get a huge plate of fries from the Washington County Hamburger Store. I think that's the one I miss most -- the Washington County Hamburger Store.

Anyway, that evening we had just passed the train station (which is now the Chamber of Commerce) when Mary Margaret spotted some kittens lounging on a sidewalk on 2nd Street. So we stopped to see:

They weren't afraid of us until we tried to get closer. Then they skedaddled into a hole:

They were really cute, but the momma cat was really scrawny. It was obvious they hadn't eaten much. We weren't sure what to do, but decided to go to the old Jack Griffith's (not sure what it's called now) to get some food.

When we got back,we sprinkled some kitty food outside their hole. The momma cat came out and ate a few bites, then went back into the hole. Then the kittens came back out and ate and ate. Even after we left I kept thinking about how that mommy, who looked the skinniest and shabbiest of them all, ate only a few nibbles and then let her babies eat until the food was gone.

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