August 13, 2010

Kiddie Park

Every summer, one place we always go is Kiddie Park in Bartlesville. Like Murphy's, it's a Bartlesville tradition. Brandon and I both went when we were little. When Lincoln was almost two he had his first trip to Kiddie Park, and over the years as we've had more kids we've taken them all to Kiddie Park.

Here are some pictures from this year:

Anne Marie, you would have loved going to Kiddie Park. I would have held on tight to you on the merry-go-round while you went up and down on your horsey. Your dad would have held you on the train ride and we would have all taken turns pushing your stroller. I would have let you have nibbles of cotton candy and your brothers and sisters would have given you tastes of their snow cones. We would have stayed until the park closed, and loaded you in your car seat all sticky and sweaty and happy. We miss you sweet girl, so much.

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