August 29, 2010

Palin Sallies Forth, Redefining Feminism

A new organization in Oklahoma, Sally's List, has been formed for the purpose of recruiting and training women for election to the state legislature.

Now here's the darndest thing. I have this friend -- named Sally! -- who is already in the state legislature. What are the chances? Anywho, that's not the kind of woman Sally's List has in mind. No, Sally's List is interested in getting liberal women elected. And hey, that's tough to do in Oklahoma -- especially when you keep snuffing out your future candidates and their voters! Oh well, no one said it would be easy.

Hey, speaking of women candidates, are you aware that Sarah Palin is coming to Oklahoma in a couple of weeks? I'm guessing the Sally's Listers can't be thrilled about that. After all, as Berkeley grad/woman/lawyer Jennifer Rubin remarked today, "Palin clearly has the left in a tizzy. They have finally gotten it: she is redefining feminism."

Oh baby. That can't be good. If Sarah goes and does that, it's really gonna be hard to get liberal women elected in Oklahoma.

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