September 11, 2010

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Football season is upon us. On Thursday night Jack Henry quarterbacked the Vipers (who, unfortunately, lost to the Colts).

Then last night Lincoln quarterbacked the Oklahoma City Patriots homeschool team, which rolled up a 72-27 victory. Lincoln scored two touchdowns and added a pair of two-point conversions. On the defensive side he had a couple of picks.

Today Lincoln, Jack Henry, and I went to Norman with my dad. The Sooners were 8-point favorites, which I feared might be a tad high. Jack Henry predicted a 28-point win, and indeed we won by 30. The nation's longest home winning streak (now at 32 games) is intact. Coach Stoops is now a ridiculous 68-2 at home and, as I never tire of repeating, Lincoln has been to all 70 of them.

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