October 29, 2010

Friday Night Lights

This summer Jenni Carlson had a really nice article in The Oklahoman ("To save itself, tiny Okla. town starts first school football team") about little Gracemont, Oklahoma (population: 336). Well, this evening the homeschooled Oklahoma Patriots are making the 70-mile trip to Gracemont to tussle with the Lions.

It's a good thing this is eight-man football: Patriots quarterback Lincoln Dutcher tells me Gracemont only has nine guys on its entire roster. (And I thought the Patriot roster was thin with 16!). Lincoln is looking forward to the trip and the contest with the Lions, adding: "They invited us to have burgers with them after the game."


  1. The burger thing is a real class act.

  2. Carol9:09 PM

    I love it!