October 23, 2010

If Republicans Can't Even Defund NPR ...

"Let's say you were a million dollars in debt and you didn’t have a clue, much less a plan, about how you were going to pay," Andrew C. McCarthy writes on National Review Online.
But you saw this really nice chandelier and decided it would be just perfect in your dining room. If you pulled out the Mastercard and charged up a few grand for this ornate luxury, we would not call that fine living. We would call it grossly irresponsible, especially if it means you can’t pay the mortgage or the kids' tuition once the binge ends and the piper demands his due.
So here is the question: Why does a country that is trillions in debt, and in which people have unlimited options for obtaining information, need NPR? More to the point, why do we need to fund the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which keeps NPR afloat? ...
The real victim here is the public. And the real test is what Republicans do about that if the Tea Party tide sweeps them back into power. The CPB is a chandelier: a grossly irresponsible expenditure for a government that is flat broke. But it's not even a rounding error compared to Obamacare. If they can’t bring themselves to repeal the Corporation for Public Broadcasting ...


  1. But how would we listen to 'Car Talk' or 'Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me'!? NPR is merely liberal - ObamaCare is obscene. But I get your point!

  2. Car Talk could go elsewhere? Maybe online, where we can listen at our leisure?