October 12, 2010

Prominent Republican Lauds Oklahoma Special-Needs Law

Democrat politician Susan Paddack apparently considers Kirby Lehman to be a "prominent Republican," suggesting perhaps that Paddack learned political taxonomy from Jari Askins, long famous for being an "Oklahoma conservative."

Mr. Lehman, a Jenks bureaucrat, is presently disobeying a state law which grants educational freedom to special-needs students. So if you're a little girl with cerebral palsy or an autistic boy who's being bullied but not educated, well, sorry; Mr. Lehman feels the need to block the schoolhouse door to make sure you (and your dollars) don't escape. After all, his 25 grand a month has got to come from somewhere.

Whether or not Mr. Lehman is a "prominent Republican," it's safe to say he's not as prominent as this Republican, this mom of a special-needs child who is truly disappointed in bureaucrats who "make life any tougher or more challenging for these kids and for their families."

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