October 31, 2010

Small-Town Football

Friday night we traveled to Gracemont, America to watch the Patriots play the Gracemont Lions. It's been fun this fall watching Friday-night football games. I grew up spending my Friday nights at the football stadium. I grew up in and around some small towns, but nothing like tiny Gracemont (population: 336). I'll let the pictures tell the story.

The press box:

A member of the chain crew:

At each game the Patriots make due without a locker room and just meet in the endzone at halftime:

After the game, players and fans from both sides met in the middle of the field ...

... and prayed:

And then the Lions invited everyone to stick around for the "5th quarter" -- featuring chili dogs, popcorn, Frito pies, cookies, drinks, and more:

The highlight of the night was during halftime, when both teams and cheerleaders did an impromptu "Cupid Shuffle" on the field:

Great game. Fun night.

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  1. Carol6:12 PM

    OK, how cool is that???


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