November 28, 2010

Sharia Doesn't CAIR About Women's Rights

Over at Human Events, Pamela Geller writes:
Hamas-linked CAIR makes a stunning admission in its press release about the lawsuit against Oklahoma. It calls the Oklahoma amendment "anti-Islam," admitting that the brutal, oppressive and radical Sharia, with its stonings and amputations and oppression of women, is Islam. Why call the amendment "anti-Islam"? It is anti-Sharia. Oklahoma meant to ban stonings, amputations for theft, death for apostates, and the other elements of Sharia that contradict the rights and freedoms guaranteed to American citizens by the U.S. Constitution. And now CAIR is admitting that all such practices go back to Islam itself.
And this morning over at PowerLine, John Hinderaker writes:
CAIR holds itself out as America's foremost Islamic civil rights organization. Under Sharia, however, the Western concept of civil rights does not exist. The analogy to Communist front organizations of an earlier era is striking. While pretending to advocate for freedom and to oppose discrimination, CAIR's real purpose is to subvert the very society whose liberalism it cynically seeks to exploit.
I gotta tell you, I'm disappointed in these Oklahoma lefties who are refusing to stand up for women. It's a good thing someone like Sarah Palin has come along to redefine feminism. Not a moment too soon!

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