November 01, 2010


Can you guess what you get when you take one cardboard box ...

Six cartons of Cool Whip ...

And a glue gun?

After adding many cans of spray paint, you get a Lego (accompanied by his cute sister):

While Brandon and the big kids were at the OU football game Saturday night, Mary Margaret, Jack Henry, and I went trick-or-treating with friends. Pictured here are a Lego, an astronaut, the famous painter Bob Ross, a princess, and a '50s girl:

Then we went home and the kids dumped out their candy to see who got what and to make some trades:


  1. Anonymous12:47 PM

    What did you do with all that Cool Whip? Great costume! Really, what did you do with it? Jennifer

  2. I put it in 2 big containers in my fridge. We've been drinking lots of hot chocolate with big heaps of Cool Whip on top. And I've found several Cool Whip/jello recipes that I'm going to use. :)

  3. Anonymous9:24 PM

    Ah, hot chocolate! Perfect timing. My kids have been drinking it lately. These nice cool mornings call for a warm drink. Jennifer

  4. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Jack Henry,
    Nathan loves your costume...because he loves legos! Great idea! Can we use the idea next year?
    Nathan and Mrs. Bruce

  5. So cute! Some of my favorite costumes when I was a kid were made out of cardboard boxes:)

  6. Such a creative costume!! We may have to "steal" that idea for one of our boys next year! So affordable too!