February 07, 2011

We're Proud of You, Son

Brandon and I are proud of all our children. One dictionary definition of proud is "pleased" -- we are so pleased with the way God is working in their lives, pleased with the fruit we see, and pleased just because they are ours. It is true that "children are a blessing," and more and more we see how truly blessed we are. I also hope I can be proud of my children without being prideful. That kind of pride would be foolish because I know that any fruit I see in my children is only because of God's grace and mercy, not because of any parenting skills on my part. I know that I can do nothing as a parent without God's help, and I am grateful for his help every day.

It was in this spirit that our family went to lunch yesterday after church to celebrate with Lincoln. On Saturday, we got the news that he was named a National Merit Finalist. As his mother, I am so proud of him -- pleased with his hard work and diligence. But, mostly, I am just so grateful. Grateful that he is my son.

Lillie (age 15), Jack Henry (8), Lincoln (18), and Mary Margaret (12)


  1. Courtney9:30 PM

    Congratulations, Lincoln! Something to be so proud of!

  2. Having pretty much nothing to do with this Gpa thinks it is safe for him to be proud of Lincoln. And of Lillie. And of Mary Margaret. And of Jack Henry. (However when telling just about anyone about any of these grandchildren it is really hard not to sound prideful. Surely it is just a venial sin!)