March 06, 2011

Well That's Just Super

The Oklahoman reports today that Oklahoma's school superintendents will earn more than $52 million this year, and CapitolBeatOK informs us that seven of these superintendents are in one Oklahoma town of fewer than 4,000 people. Now, you may think this is outrageous and dysfunctional, but in fact things are functioning quite nicely. Kevin Williamson, author of the newly published The Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism, reminds us that socialism works very well -- for the rulers.
Certainly the educators and administrators who run the [public school] system are largely pleased with it, as they should be; the noncompetitive nature of government-run education provides them with salaries and benefits far exceeding what they plausibly could earn in the private sector. 
Unless of course you believe the private sector would be willing to pay someone a quarter-million dollars annually to oversee an operation in which half of the finished products are unsatisfactory.

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