March 29, 2011

A Young Woman's Choice

[This Marlin Oil advertorial appears in the March 31 edition of The City Sentinel.]

A young woman spoke at Oak Tree Golf and Country Club the other night. She bravely stood up in front a large crowd of (mostly) strangers and told the story of the emotionally turbulent hours after she learned she was, at the age of 17, pregnant out of wedlock.

A girl then, she's a woman now. She described feelings of heartache she had before talking to her parents, knowing they would be disappointed she had had sexual relations with, as she put it, a boy she thought would eventually be her husband. She elicited nervous chuckles as she remembered, "I thought my Dad would skin the father of my baby alive."

With the help of a trusted girlfriend, one night Bristol Palin told her parents what had happened. She says they were upset and disappointed, but that was not the end. The conversation with the governor of Alaska and her husband lasted all night, hours filled with tears, laughter, hugs and "lots of prayer."

In the end, the family did what many families do. They accepted the new addition to the clan with love and determination to face the future together.

Today, mom Bristol says the little guy is a "typical little boy" who likes to get down in the dirt to play and is an endless bundle of energy. Bristol is a woman now, determined to learn from her experience, and share her story with others. She is encouraging young women, and men, to abstain from sexual relations until marriage.

Bristol came to Oklahoma City to speak at the annual "life of the party" event raising money for Birth Choice of Oklahoma.

For 40 years, Barbara Chisko has run the group. Today, from a handful of clinics scattered around the area and a main office in south Oklahoma City, Birth Choice every year helps thousands of young women like Bristol, as well as older women facing unexpected pregnancies.

Birth Choice limits abortion with love and layettes, not political activism and powerful rhetoric. The group's practical steps to honor those who choose life might serve as a model for everyone dealing with the people, not policies that still divide Americans.

It is not clear what the future will bring in terms of abortion policy. It remains a troubling topic for judges, elected officials, and most profoundly those women who bear the living result of too-early intimacy.

Regardless of debate, the future will likely include continued presence of Birth Choice in our state. An appreciative tip of the hat is hereby given to the group's volunteers, donors, and staff for bringing an honest and clarifying new pro-life voice to Oklahoma.


  1. Anonymous10:24 AM

    I <3 Bristol :) Gracious young woman, and inspiration..!

  2. Anonymous2:26 AM

    Speacial thanks to Brandon Dutcher for writing this Article and to the one that posted it.
    When Bristol was on DWTS she was once discribed as "painfully shy". So it seems her willingness to stand before strangers and be so open about her experience would doubtless be very diffult.It truly speaks volumes about her desire to teach abstinence and be a voice for the unborn. I know she relies on her faith to sustain her and give her courage. When I think of Bristol and great leaders of the Bible, I am reminded that like her were many were 'painfully shy' and never started out to be speakers, or authors or dancers, but they were willing to be used and lives are still beibg changed because of it! I pray that God will grant countless numbers of changed lives because of Bristol's principled commitment to
    share her testimony for God's glory!

  3. Thanks Bristol for sharing your testimony with all the young girls out there facing their sexuality and choices that could change their lives forever. You are a kind, sweet, God loving woman who has a beautiful young son, Tripp. I congratulate you for speaking out to others with knowledge and experience. May God Bless your cause and may God Bless you! Thanks from one Mom to Another. Life to tough enough but if we help support each other with love and kindness this world would be a much happier place to live in. Keep up the good work!!

  4. Thanks for sharing your testimony with all the young girls and women out there who need your knowledge and experience. It is the women's lives that change forever when sexual activity results in a pregnancy. The women are the ones that will then need to face decisions that could affect their lives forever. Do I keep my baby at 16 or do I have an abortion??? These are life altering decisions and God has placed you as a voice to all these young women. You are a sweet young intelligent woman. The foundation is so lucky to have you. May God Bless your spoken word and May God Bless you and your beautiful son, Tripp!!