April 03, 2011

Government by Waiver

The Obama Administration has granted another 129 Obamacare waivers, bringing the total to 1,168. That's nearly three million Americans who are fortunate enough to escape the new health law. Abe Greenwald writes:
The left loves to perseverate on the threat to democracy posed by the top one percent of the country’s earners. Wonder if they’ll have any complaints about the two percent of Americans whom the president has officially exempted from upholding the law of the land.
We are deep in banana-republic territory here. The head of state forces an eccentric law onto his subjects and then lets his closest supporters get out of it so that they alone may continue to prosper. To call this more of the "same old" cynical Washington back-scratch machine is to underestimate the extent of the damage taking place before our eyes.
I'm with Democratic Congressman Dan Boren on this one: It's time to let every American have a waiver.

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