April 09, 2011

University Touts Scholarships for 'Non-African American' Students

The Oklahoma House of Representatives is set to consider a measure which would allow Oklahoma voters to put an end to discrimination and preferential treatment in state government. And not a moment too soon, considering the blatant discrimination against blacks taking place at one of Oklahoma's institutions of higher education. The university openly touts scholarships for "students of non-African American origin."
Students must enroll in at least 12 hours and maintain a minimum 2.50 grade point average each semester. Students are awarded scholarships for an academic year, but scholarships are subject to cancellation for the spring semester if criteria are not met. Deadline date for submitting application is June 30. This scholarship is subject to the availability of funds.
No, it's not The Onion. It's the Langston University 2010-2012 catalog (page 36). As someone who believes there's only one race (the human race), I look at this and I can't decide whether to laugh or cry.

Honestly now, hasn't the time come for our children to live in a state where they will not be judged by the color of their skin?

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