May 19, 2011

Laws-and-Sausages Watch

Sen. Judy Eason McIntyre
State Sen. Judy Eason McIntyre (D-Tulsa) is a liberal pro-abortion Democrat with whom I have virtually nothing in common. But I've always admired the way she has stood up for giving underprivileged students more school options -- even when doing so has been difficult for her politically. So I must say I felt sorry for her recently when she had abuse heaped upon her in the most inappropriate of ways. First the lefty lobbyist Margaret Erling went off on her -- on the Senate floor, no less -- then vo-tech official Kara Gae Neal dispatched an electronic missive that you really must read for yourself.

The good senator will live to fight another day. Here's hoping she comes back next year and helps push another school-choice bill across the finish line.

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