June 20, 2011


I haven’t been very good about blogging lately. It seems like all winter and spring we have been busy with one thing or another. I intended to blog birthday pictures, school activities and pictures, things the kids have been doing, and so on, but life has kept us busy. I plan to go back and post some of those things, but for now here is our most current happening.

June 11 was our girls' ballet performance in Cinderella. Every other year the studio where they take ballet puts on a full-length production of a ballet. It seems like each performance is better than the one before.

It takes quite a bit of effort to get ready for this performance, but it’s always worth it in the end. As this year's program stated, “Taking into account our time spent in choreography, rehearsals, music editing, costume preparations, and the countless other tasks involved in our performances of Cinderella, our grand total is 12,243 human hours! That breaks down to 510 days or 72.87 weeks ... much more than one year.” So there is a lot of time invested in this ballet. There are times I know my girls hear me complain about having to get new pointe shoes or having to run back and forth to ballet in between trying to get Jack Henry to his baseball games on time, but when I see them on stage and see how much they love it, it is worth it. The ballet was beautiful and I always love watching not only my girls dance but also so many of our friends from the same studio.

Here are some pictures from this year’s Academy of Ballet and Theatre Arts production of Cinderella.

Behind the scenes:

Warm-up before the production:

Mary Margaret:


This year the prince was played by Alfonso Martin, who is a principal dancer with the Tulsa Ballet:

After the ballet:

The girls with Miss Lisa, their teacher and director of ABTA:

There were a few things that brought tears to my eyes during the performance: seeing how hard everyone had worked and the fruit of it; watching my girls dance and how beautiful everything was; and this:


  1. Believe me when I tell you....the new baby will slow things down!


  2. So very beautiful. I am always amazed at ballet/dance. The family photo was a treasure. I love the baby bump! :)

    The dedication brought a tear to my eye.

    Hoping to hear more baby news soon!


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