July 07, 2011

8 Days and Counting

We've been given two baby showers for our baby boy. I remember before Anne Marie was born people would ask me about giving a shower and I said I wanted to wait until we brought Anne Marie home. It wasn't because I thought we might not be bringing her home, but because I just didn't know when we would get home or what we would need.

In any case, I honestly didn't think I would ever be having another baby shower. We are so grateful and I can't say enough times what great friends and family we have. Friends and family who have walked with us in our darkest times and rejoiced with us in God's blessings. Here are some pictures from both showers. The first one was hosted by our church. I always love these because someone always gives a devotion. My friend Carol did the devotion for my shower. It was beautiful and I won't ever forget it!

OCPA also hosted a lunch and shower for us and for another baby. OCPA has grown so much lately that it was fun to have all the families together. There were lots of kids gathered around the boardroom table eating lunch.

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