July 29, 2011

Still on Cloud Nine

Today you are three weeks old. I can't believe time goes by so fast. When we were waiting for you to come, three weeks seemed like a long time but now it has gone by so fast. You are getting bigger and chunkier every day and you have already outgrown your newborn diapers and just barely fit into your newborn clothes. Your brothers and sisters still fight over whose turn it is to hold you. We love to sit and watch all the faces you make when you are sleeping. Your dad and I both talk about how we don't ever want to forget the day you were born -- we want to remember and always appreciate what a gift you are to us. We feel the same way about all of your brothers and sisters, of course, but we realize more than ever how precious life is.

Three weeks ago we were holding you and looking at how beautiful you were (and texting photographs of you far and wide):

Three weeks later, we are still holding at you and looking at how beautiful you are:

We love all the faces that you make:

Photo credits: Oliver's grandpa


  1. Oh, he already is looking "older"! I vividly remember posting Hannah's 3 week picture....now as I look at her toddling around, she is looking more like a little girl rather than a baby. It goes way too fast. I understand what you mean about treasuring life....I treasure all of my children, but waiting for Hannah so long made us really appreciate it even more. Praying there might be more for both of us. :)


  2. Does he look like your oldest? Such great photos and Oliver looks so alert!

  3. He looks VERY much like Lincoln looked as a baby.