July 15, 2011

We've Taken to You So Strong

Oliver was born one week ago tonight. We've had a wonderful week at home with him. We hold him and stare at him and can't believe he is here. The week has gone by fast and I already want time to slow down.


  1. Oliver looks great. I hear it is recommended that infants should sleep on their backs and that they have a much lower incidence of SIDS then children placed on their stomachs for sleeping.

  2. Beautiful little boy! You have already taken him out?....


  3. Thanks, David! Yes - We've heard the same about SIDS. Oliver always sleeps on his back and not alone on the bed -- I just laid him on the bed for the last picture and picked him right up : )

  4. Anonymous5:25 PM

    I love it when babies lay on their tummy (and tummy time is super important now that they lie on backs to sleep; know that Susie knows this too) and they put their little bums in the air!

  5. Oh Susie! What a beautiful boy you have! I love the last picture and I also love love that the stroller has a spot for coffee! That's my kind of stroller!

    I prayed you would have another baby, not to replace Sweet Anne Marie, but because how you loved her. It made me think of how much love your arms would have for another baby. Funny though, I only imagined another girl. Our God is good!

    You have a wonderful family and are so filled with His blessings.

    If ever you are in my neck of this world it would be so wonderful to sit together and have a cup of coffee.