August 15, 2011


  1. What did you do about sunscreen? I thought you couldn't use sunscreen until they were 6 months old?


  2. Hi Cindy ~ We used Neutrogena Pure and Free Baby Sunscreen. It used to be recommended to wait until 6 months, but the pediatrician we talked to said that has changed and it was o.k. to use sunscreen on areas that weren't covered. What we mostly did was keep Oliver out of the sun. We bought a beach tent that was UV ray protected and kept him in there and he has spent lots of time indoors while the big kids are out swimming or at the beach. Even walking up the boardwalk to the beach we made sure he was covered up. This video was probably the only time Oliver was in the direct sun and it was only for about a minute. :)


Thanks Coach

Thank you our coach Harry Carter!!! Still more work but appreciate the time he has put into these boys. — Team...