August 09, 2011


One comment I get a lot when I'm out and about with Oliver and his siblings is, "I bet you have a lot of good help at home." And the answer to that is a very definite yes.

I know the kids daily hear me say things like, "Did you do your chores?" "Is your bed made?" "Have you put your clothes away?" and "Who left the dishes in the living room?" It may seem like I am constantly reminding them to do their work around the house, but truly I am grateful how helpful they have been since Oliver arrived. They have helped with laundry, cooking, cleaning, Charlie, yard work, and more, and I've been able to sit in the rocking chair and rock Oliver to my heart's content!

There's almost always someone to hold Oliver if I need an extra set of hands:

This is Lillie holding Oliver on my bed. I love this picture because Anne Marie's little lamb is peeking out.

Lillie making enchiladas:

Even Lincoln decided to cook dinner one night. He makes a little bigger mess than I do when I cook, but his meal was actually better than most of mine.

Jack Henry has been a huge help with Charlie, making sure he gets lots of love:

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