August 05, 2011

My Family Circus

More than a decade ago, back when I had young children (heh), I had a fun piece in The Oklahoman featuring anecdotes from my own real-life "family circus." They were those sorts of kids-say-the-darndest-things gems which would tend to bring to mind the famous cartoon panels by Bil Keane. And I couldn't have been more pleased when, a couple of months later, the mailman brought the following correspondence.

Well, through the years Susie and I have accumulated lots more of these little nuggets, and we've always taken care to write them down promptly. It occurs to me that periodically we should blog some of them.

For example, Lincoln, a month shy of his fourth birthday, was playing with Play-Doh one day while Susie was trying to feed Lillie and do something else at the same time.

"Mommy, come smash this Play-Doh flat for me," Lincoln said.

"Just a minute," replied Susie, who had her hands full at the moment. "Let me finish feeding Lillie."

"Just come real quick," the little negotiator countered.

"I can't come right now, Lincoln, you'll have to wait."

Lincoln paused and pondered, then said, "I wonder why God just made you with two hands."

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