August 06, 2011

Shop to It!

Most people who know me know that I'm frugal. I use coupons, shop when things are on sale, buy a lot of my school books from, and am still mourning the demise of the Harold's Outlet store. So I'm really excited about a new site called KangaCoupons. It was started by two of our good friends and fellow homeschoolers, Hunter and Josh. Lincoln lived with Hunter, Ginger's son, while we were in Dallas, and Josh is Hunter's cousin and the son of my good friend Carol.

In the words of these two entrepreneurs, KangaCoupons is "our daily deal coupon site [that] launches this fall with discounts of 40-90% off of your favorite spas, hair salons, restaurants, and recreational hot spots!"

They're already off to a great start. So if you like good bargains, take a hop, skip, and a jump to KangaCoupons and sign up today!


  1. We all miss Harold's!!! Did you know Bob worked there for 15 years as comptroller and later CFO. That job brought us back to Norman in 1993.


  2. We do remember. Lots of great memories from that place through the years. Hard to believe it's gone.


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