August 20, 2011

Starting to Empty the Nest

"Jack Henry doesn't know this yet," Susie wrote in 2006, "but one day Lincoln will go off to college. Actually, that day is coming in about four and a half years."

Actually, that day is today.


There's a lot of sadness in this world, and if I weren't a follower of Christ -- if I thought this world was my home -- I am quite confident I would want to have some mood-altering substances in my toolkit. Thankfully, God's grace is sufficient. As Susie wrote,
As a mom, thinking about having your firstborn leave home is hard. Thinking about Jack Henry having his brother leave home is even harder. Thankfully, we serve a God who has planned our days before the foundation of the earth. He loves my boys more than I do and more than they love each other, and He will use temporary hardships to teach them that His grace is sufficient for them. Lincoln knows this and one day Jack Henry will know it too. No matter how far apart they are in distance they will always be brothers and friends. 


  1. Courtney3:07 PM

    Makes me think forward to the day Kate will leave....what will we all do?! What will Claire do? Good luck and blessings to a special young man. Now it's JH's turn to be resident the big bro!

  2. Courtney5:13 PM

    Correction...! The resident big bro!


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