August 29, 2011

Oliver's Baptism

Yesterday was a special day for us as we gathered with friends and family for a worship service which included Oliver's baptism. It was also pretty emotional, because I couldn't help but think of Anne Marie and the day she was baptized. I've now come to realize that so many of our most joyous family times inevitably will be mixed with sorrow because of how much we miss Anne Marie. And yet along with sorrow there is profound gratitude to Christ for what he has done for Anne Marie and for our family.

I also sat there yesterday remembering all my kids' baptisms -- Lincoln, Lillie, Mary Margaret, Jack Henry, and Anne Marie. I remember all of those days so clearly. And yesterday during the sermon I was so grateful to be reminded again of what Christ has done for us. Because of his redeeming work, I can say of all my children, "This one was born in Zion."

I saw this book in World magazine and got it for Oliver for his baptism. When he gets older we'll read it to him and remind him of the day he was baptized, never letting him forget that he is a covenant child.

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