September 08, 2011

Two Months

Today you are two months old. We have spent the last two months soaking you up and enjoying every second we have with you. I think if we had to describe you in one word it would be happy. You are always so happy. You smile all the time and squeal with delight when someone holds you and talks to you. Occasionally you might stick out your little bottom lip and cry, but it's only when you are tired or hungry. You don't mind that your siblings tug on you and fight over who will hold you or that they are in your face covering you with kisses. You ride happily in the car to ballet and football, and sit on my lap on the couch while I do lessons with your brother and sisters. You snuggle up to me at night and even though your eyes are heavy, you still manage to give me a smile. And first thing in the morning, as you slowly wake up, you give us a huge smile. Happy two months, Oliver William -- what a great two months they have been!

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