October 14, 2011

Our Hearts Long for Home

Anne Marie, when I hear this song I always think of you. And I wonder, "What is it like to be held in the same arms that hold the universe? What is it like to sleep on the chest of the King of heaven and earth?" So many times I think about your last hours with us, what it was like to hold you. I think about how sad we are that you aren't here. And then I try to picture your first second in heaven and imagine you taking your very first deep breath. We know that you already have what we pray for all our children. You are home. We love you, sweet girl!


  1. Susie,

    What a beautiful song...is it by Selah? I love them. I was thinking about our little Robert the other day in regards to this. Hannah went for her 18 month check up and go to shots. That night her legs were so sore she wouldn't bear any weight on them. She was crying and crying as I held her and tried to comfort her. I thought about Robert and how he will never have to experience pain. It truly is mercy for God to take these precious ones to Heaven. I couldn't look at it like that at the time we lost him, but I understand it now. I think about my mom and dad and what all they are experiencing. I just can't wait!

    Surely it won't be long....


  2. Hi Cindy ~ It's by Nicol Sponberg (former member of Selah and sister of Todd Smith). Her infant son died at about 10 weeks. Her whole CD is really good. Yes, it is God's mercy -- so hard for us, but so wonderful for them!

  3. Yes, I remember when Luke died. Todd lost a baby too. I had not heard her solo CD.


  4. Anonymous8:57 AM

    What a beautiful song for a beautiful child of Christ! You can truly see the light of heaven in her eyes. I think of this poem every time I see her, it goes like this,

    "An angel in the book of life wrote down my baby's birth, then whispered as she closed the book, 'Too beautiful for earth.'"

    My cousin lost her baby boy to a disorder that caused many of his major organs to grow outside of his body. They had about 20 minutes with him before Jesus sung him to sleep. Some children don't have to go through much to make an impact on this earth. Your little girl is such a treasure, and she always will be.

    Your family is being lifted up with prayer :)


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