October 24, 2011

Weekend Pics

Time goes by so fast that often the week is over before I get a chance to put up new pictures. Here are some from the past two weekends.

Flowers for Anne Marie's birthday

Birthday balloons for the princess

Birthday cake

Birthday cupcakes from my friend and neighbor

On Anne Marie's birthday I had a package in my mailbox. When I opened it there were these baby moccasins that my dad had made for Anne Marie. Our little Cherokee baby would have looked so cute in these!

The girls before the Taylor Swift concert

Brandon, Jack Henry, and Oliver in Bricktown

The kids before the football game



  1. What a special gift for your sweet Anne Marie. I am sure she is smiling down upon you all.

    Your babe is just too cute....such beautiful eyes!

    Oh, and I had the same jungle gym. Every baby fell asleep under there. So loved the music. :)

    Many blessings to you!

  2. Anonymous1:02 AM

    I came across your YouTube videos of Anne Marie. Our daughter, Miranda, was called home by Our Savior on October 27th after 28 days of life on ECMO. Thank you for sharing Anne Marie's story and pictures. <3


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