November 12, 2011

Her Extraordinary Day

I wrote about this day last year, and perhaps I will every year because it is one day I will never, ever forget. In addition to being Veterans Day and being 11-11-11 (and also being my grandmother's birthday), when I woke up this morning one of my first thoughts
was, "Today's her extraordinary day." 

It's the day on which God granted us 10 more days with her when we thought we would be saying goodbye.

This day is imprinted in me -- it's the day God poured out His mercy and grace to us and answered the prayers we prayed. The day He showed all of us -- parents, grandparents, friends, doctors -- who is really in charge and that He can do anything, despite the medical odds.

And just like I posted last time, I still don't understand why things happened the way they did. I have mostly stopped asking. As Jack Henry and I continue to plow through the Old Testament, the one thing that is glaringly clear is that God is sovereign and His ways are not our ways. There are so many things I don't know and don't understand. What I do know is that I will forever be grateful for November 11, 2009 -- and for 10 more days with Anne Marie.

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