December 08, 2011

Five Months Old

Dear Oliver,

Today you are five months old and you are growing so fast. We wish time would slow down just a little!

You still smile all the time and sometimes you even laugh out loud. You like to play in your ExerSaucer or on the floor, and you've also figured out how to suck on your toes. Mostly you like to be held -- which is fine with us because there is always someone here to hold you.

The other day I took you to the doctor because you had your first sniffle and I was worried. The doctor checked you all over and announced that you were fine except that you "have a serious case of cute." Of course we all agree with her diagnosis!

Your biggest milestone this past month is that your first little tooth poked through. We can just barely feel it and see the little white top of it. We can't believe you already have your first tooth!

Happy five months, Oliver! We can't imagine what we did without you!

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