December 17, 2011

Liberalism as Self-Liquidating Malady

In a new column entitled "Thomas Friedman and the Higher Education Bubble," economist David P. Goldman observes that
Liberalism, like cancer, is a self-liquidating malady. Eventually it kills the patient. Secular Americans, mainline Protestants, loosely affiliated Catholics, and Reform and Conservative Jews breed like Germans or Italians, with fewer than 1.5 children per female. By contrast, Hispanic Catholics have 3 children, and evangelicals 2.6 children. America is like Schroedinger’s Cat, in a superposed state of being dead and alive. And long before demographics catch up with liberal culture and extinguish it, like the post-Alexandrine Greeks or the 5th-century Romans, the economic destruction wrought by liberal education will have impoverished most of a generation of American young people.
I made some similar observations in an Oklahoma Gazette piece called "Dude, Where's My Voters?"

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