January 01, 2012


Lincoln received the mother of all high-school graduation gifts (courtesy of his great uncle), and last night was the big night:

Accompanying Lincoln to the New Year's Eve game was his college buddy ... girlfriend ... dear old dad ... nine-year-old brother. And what a great game to attend -- dunks galore, and every time Daequan Cook buried a three Jack Henry would jump out of his seat with clenched fists outstretched overhead (he was visible on TV throughout the game, sitting courtside next to Kevin Durant's mother and other members of KD's inner circle, one of whom invited Lincoln to KD's house after the game, which is another story altogether that you'll have to get Lincoln to tell you).

Jack Henry says up close the players were big ("they were really big -- especially Ibaka" and "Kevin Durant isn't as skinny as I thought") and they were fast ("Russell Westbrook was all over the place"). He loved being close enough to hear the players talk to each other on defense. During a timeout, a referee even handed him the basketball:

In short, the boys had a great time. They even saw Durant make two free throws, which looked something like this:

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  1. WOW!!! That is SO exciting and will totally make my wife jealous. Congrats to those young men for their great night out.