New Pioneer Woman Cookbook Has Glorious Food, Photos

I don't get much mail in my mailbox. I don't really even get many bills, since everything is online these days. When May and June roll around I can always count on more mail than usual because all the curriculum that I've ordered for the next year starts coming. And of course at Christmastime we get cards and the gifts I've ordered for the kids. All that to say, I'm always happy to see something in my mailbox addressed to me, especially when it's a package.

This was in my mailbox this week and I wasn't sure what it was. Hmm ... Harper Collins Publishers? Oh, maybe it's my manuscript from my publisher. No wait, I don't have a manuscript or a publisher.

I brought it inside and opened it, and right away I knew what it was.

PW's new cookbook! She had sent me an early copy.

I love PW's cookbooks for lots of reasons -- one reason is the photographs. I like to see exactly what I'm making and exactly how to make it. There were lots of recipes that I hadn't seen on her website -- I especially loved the pizza recipes!

Last night, instead of getting ready to teach my literature class on Friday, I stayed up late looking at all the recipes. I'm not sure which one I'm going to try first.

And of course I love the back of the book -- lyrics from the musical Oliver!

Thanks, P-Dub!

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