Weekend Pictures

I love the weekends. Sometimes they are quiet and slow, but more often than not they are filled with activities. But even with the activity, they are a break from the hectic school week. Our weekends always include an early Saturday morning trip for bagels and coffee for anyone in the house who's up -- usually just Brandon, Jack Henry, Oliver, and me, but sometimes the girls come along. That's followed by at least one trip to ballet and (this time of the year) one or sometimes two of Jack Henry's basketball games. And then comes my very favorite day of the week -- Sunday. Things always seem slower on Sundays -- there are naps, lounging around the house, sometimes we have care group, and most every Sunday we see Lincoln.

Some weekends I hardly have my camera out and then others, like this weekend, I have it out all the time. Here are some of our weekend pictures:

Friday night we hosted a Valentine's Party for the youth in our church:

Jack Henry's basketball game:

Oliver got to spend some time with his big brother:

Oliver has been trying to crawl, but hasn't quite figured out how:


Oliver checking out Charlie:

More playtime:

A Sunday trip to the cemetery:

All tired out from the weekend:

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