Crawly Ollie

When we first started the school year Oliver was just a few months old and slept quite a bit. We could get through lots of work while he napped. Sometimes I would sit on the couch and he would sleep in my lap for hours while Jack Henry and I did our work. As he got older he moved to the swing, then to the floor on his play mat, then to the ExerSaucer, and for the past few months he has been sitting on the floor playing with his toys while we do our work beside him. Last week he decided he had had enough of sitting still. He started trying to crawl towards Jack Henry's school books, one of his favorite things to try to grab.

This week there's no stopping him. He tries to get Charlie's bones and toys. He tries to get my laptop and books while we sit on the floor and do our schoolwork. He tries to get Jack Henry's books and pencils. Basically he wants almost anything he can't have.

Crawling has added a whole new dimension to our school day!

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