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  • In what one middle-school teacher charmingly calls "a bit of do-it-yourself, against-the-grain activism," some high-school students in Edmond took it upon themselves to rid some neighborhoods of Rick Santorum yard signs.
  • Do parents know best? That's the question I ask in the Edmond Sun.
  • "Students and faculty at Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics are working to start a campus group for atheists, agnostics, nontheists, humanists, skeptics, freethinkers, and other students who do not believe in a god or gods."
  • Condoleezza Rice was homeschooled during part of her childhood.
  • Why would God reach down his hand and drag tornadoes across rural America?
  • One lefty WaPo writer, who apparently hasn't talked to any demographers lately, says conservatives have, "as we all know, considerable trouble with any kind of sex."
  • Apparently anti-religious hate speech is acceptable now, because ABC has a new show called GCB, based on the book Good Christian Bitches. Just for kicks, try to imagine ABC airing a similar show about Muslims.
  • The 26 happiest animals in the world.
  • The third volume in my friend David Deming's history of science will be published this summer:

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