Capitol Follies (cont'd)

The Oklahoman notes that Wallace Collins, head of the Oklahoma Democratic Party, continues to spout nonsense. But I happen to think we should cut him some slack; as Collins himself once confessed: "I'm only a public school graduate so I'm not very literate."

Meanwhile, state Rep. George Faught correctly pointed out in a press release that Republican lawmakers are starting to go wobbly.
"Members of the Republican Party should champion smaller government and fight for family values, and we're refusing to take the lead," said Faught, R-Muskogee. "This is not what the people of Oklahoma elected us to do when they put Republicans in charge of the House, Senate and Governor's office."

Faught said he is especially disturbed that Republicans have killed a pro-life bill that declares human life begins at conception, that tax cuts plans are being whittled down to shave off only three-tenths of a point from the income tax rate, and that legislators killed a reform of the workers compensation system.

"I am frustrated to see core Republican ideas on both social issues and fiscal policy gutted or killed," Faught said. "Every day we fail to advance these issues, our state is losing ground."
It's almost as if Republicans have been reading a certain publication in Tulsa, part of America's fastest-shrinking industry, which recently editorialized that "cutting taxes in this economic climate ... is the height of recklessness and irresponsibility." Which of course is adorable.

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