My Three Sons

Oliver, Lincoln, and Jack Henry on Sunday morning after church. I bought these matching shirts for Oliver and Jack Henry, not realizing Lincoln had a similar one. He met us on Sunday morning and happened to be wearing his also.

I love my sonslove them too much to even try to put into words. I never imagined that I would have a baby boy and send my oldest son off to college in the same year, but that's the way God planned it. And there's Jack Henry right in the middle10 years younger than Lincoln and about 10 years older than Oliver.

I can't count the number of people who have remarked to Jack Henry that he is going to be a good big brother because he has such a good big brother himself. And it's trueJack Henry does have a good big brother. When Jack Henry was little Lincoln played with him, read to him, and rocked him. He taught him to ride a bike and has played countless hours of ball with him. And even though Lincoln's at college, he still makes time for Jack Henry.

One evening over spring break I was headed to bed. It was late, about 11:30, and I went in to check on Jack Henry, thinking he'd be in bed. Instead he and Lincoln were playing basketball on his mini goal in his room. Yesterday afternoon Lincoln sent Jack Henry a text asking him if he wanted to go to the batting cages to hit. We don't normally see Lincoln during the week so this was a treat, and of course Jack Henry wanted to go. When Lincoln came by to get him, Oliver gave him a big smile and said "bubba" right away. Oliver knows his bubbano doubt about it. And then last night Lincoln met Lillie and Mary Margaret after ballet and took Jack Henry along too. They got home around 10:30. Yes, it was a school night, but some things are more important than being home early on a school night.

I could tell story after story just like this. And I see Jack Henry following in Lincoln's footsteps. He plays with Oliver all the time. He watches him when I need some help. He runs to get him out of his crib when Oliver's nap is over. He plays with him at the park and sits on the floor and plays ball with him.

Yes, I love my sons. And they love each other.

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