Oliver Kissed

As I've said in a previous post, I think Oliver is pretty smart. He knows lots of words -- mama, dada, bubba, ye ye (Lillie), ball, duh (which his word for Charlie, who we sometimes call "Chuck"), and more. He can copy whatever clicking noises we make with our mouths. He can do some of the motions to patty cake and the itsy bitsy spider. He knows the "all done" motion when he's finished eating and he knows how to dribble his ball on the wood floor. He knows where Charlie's dog dish is and crawls there several times a day hoping not to get caught before he has a chance to play in the water. He knows what I mean when I ask him if he wants to go for a wagon ride, and when he wants to go outside he crawls to the front door. He loves his books and will sit and read with me for a long time, and when I pick up a book that he doesn't want he will push it aside and pick up one he wants.

But one of my favorite things he knows how to do is "kiss." He has actually been doing this for several months now. I will say, "Kiss mommy" (or daddy, or bubba, etc.) and he will lean in with a big open mouth and give a big "kiss." So yesterday after church when we picked Oliver up from the nursery, my friends Kim and Carol said that Oliver had been kissing another little baby over and over. I guess he saw some sweet cheeks and couldn't resist!

Don't worry. It looks like Oliver is taking a big bite out of Lauren's cheek, but it's really just a kiss.

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