May 24, 2012

News You Can Use

  • William Norman Grigg on the rape of Delaware County.
  • Oklahoma has two Presidential Scholars, and they both attend schools of choice.
  • Ross Douthat says "the prosperity gospel is a religious message ideally suited to create bubbles in real estate." 
  • In Investor's Business Daily, Jewish columnist Dennis Prager correctly points out that Leftism is a religion (albeit a false and godless one). 
  • Paging Vicki Miles-LaGrange: 15,000 Muslims are assembling this weekend to discuss how to apply Sharia in the United States
  • Pornographer Larry Flynt says "President Obama has overperformed ... done a marvelous job."
  • A Stanford University psychologist says video games and pornography are ruining a generation of boys.
  • The Obama Department of Justice is forcing a university to allow a biological male into female restrooms. 

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