11 Months

It's been 11 months since Oliver was born, and I'm still pinching myself.

Oh, what an unspeakable blessing this boy is. And it all seemed so unlikely! Knowing Susie's age, the doctor gave us percentages of having a baby, and they weren't encouraging (the percentages on birth defects were also worrisome). But hey, we could hope, right? In the words of the poet, "God only knows. God makes his plan. The information's unavailable to the mortal man."

And now look at him! Oh ... my ... goodness would you look at him. Though there will never be a substitute for Anne Marie, the Lord is blessing our latter days with a boy so different from his sister that it causes us to savor them both all the more. Beautiful little Anne Marie had many things wrong with her; Oliver literally has not been sick one day in his life. Anne Marie was dainty; Oliver feels like he's packed with gold bullion. Anne Marie never uttered one sound; Oliver has a startling supply of lung power. Anne Marie was still; Oliver is a veritable Russell Westbrook.

Indeed, in many ways Oliver reminds us of Lincoln (can you say "strong-willed child"?). And that's another aspect of this blessing -- this little bookend baby continually calls to mind our little Lincoln from all those years ago, which makes us appreciate them both all the more. Happy 11-month birthday, Oliver!
Consider yourself our mate.
We don't want to have no fuss.
For after some consideration, we can state
Consider yourself one of us!

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