June 23, 2012

And Away He Goes

Have I mentioned that Oliver is busy? Except for nap time, he is on the go from the moment he wakes up in the morning until I rock him to sleep at night.

All of our other kids woke up slowly. They would cuddle in bed. They would lie there and kick up their little feet and coo and babble. Even Lincoln, whom Oliver is most like, woke up slowly and would lie in bed and snuggle. Not so with Oliver. He goes from sound asleep to wide awake in about two seconds. Some mornings he'll take an early-morning trip to the neighborhood bagel shop with Brandon while I stay home and get a jump on the day. Some mornings he'll crawl all over me, trying to grab the water bottle or the clock or the cell phone beside my bed. He's anxious to get up and get going. Tuesday morning he woke up saying, "Ball, ball." It was early and the sun was just streaming through the front windows. I pulled myself out of bed and into the living room to find Oliver's favorite toys -- his balls. And four minutes after I first opened my eyes, Oliver was happy as a clam, dribbling his basketball.

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  1. Courtney12:44 PM

    cannot tell you the degree to which this hits home! you have just perfectly described all three of your brother's children! we are three for three in the ultra busy department. Oliver and Will need a playdate!!


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