News You Can Use

  • "Two new peer-reviewed studies released this week by the academic journal Social Science Research challenge the claim that there are no differences in outcomes between children raised by parents who have same-sex relationships and those raised by their biological mother and father in intact, stable marriages," Ana Samuel writes. The predictable liberal intolerance followed.
  • Good news, Ollie: Children with older fathers and grandfathers live longer.
  • "It's not the task of the church as church to take political stands or provide political information," Marvin Olasky argues. Christians must guard against the politicization of churches. 
  • Yesterday at the White House, President Obama hosted a reception to observe LGBT Pride Month.
  • Planned Parenthood—the nation's largest provider of abortion services (sex-selective abortions included)—could be coming to a high school near you.  
  • The private sector is doing fine?

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