June 24, 2012

News You Can Use

  • "You never know what Americans will throw their money at in a attempt to feel better about themselves," Joseph Bayly writes. "But no matter how much money you give away, it will never take away your guilt. ... Only Christ's blood can accomplish that."
  • Americans are celebrating and defending religious freedom. Oklahomans too.
  • Rod Dreher: "We are going to have to re-form family networks in this new age of want and austerity, especially when Boomers start their long physical decline into aging and its medical agonies, and there isn’t enough money left to pay for their medical bills."
  • "We seem to be in the midst of a modest degree of soul-searching," R.R. Reno writes ('The Agonies of Feminism'). "Has the sexual revolution really been an unmitigated good for women? Has adopting the career goals and work life of men been for the best? Are children really choices for most women, or are they closer to deep psychological necessities?"
  • The Obama event registry story is so outlandish that people checked with Snopes.
  • Wah wahhh:

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