June 18, 2012

Oliver's New Facial Expression

Oliver has a new facial expression that he's just started making in the last few weeks. I wish I could capture a photograph of it. It's a perfect mixture of surprised and hurt and frustrated and mad.

When does this facial expression appear? When we make him obey. We take a certain item from him, or we don't let him crawl where he wants to crawl or do what he wants to do. His reaction begins as one of genuine surprise. (It's as if he's saying, "Wait, wha? Since when do I not get to do what I want? What is this new concept you're springing on me?") Then comes the irresistibly-cute curled lip, and it becomes evident that he is genuinely hurt that we're putting him through this. ("Fellas, I thought we were on the same team here. Why are you doing this to your little buddy?") Then the frustration sets in, and even a bit of anger, as he redoubles his efforts to do what we're preventing him from doing. ("This is my world, chumps, and I will now mock your feeble efforts to contravene my will.") He is unsuccessful, of course, and things just go downhill from there.

Believe me, the whole scene is adorable and makes us love him all the more. But we must be careful to not to wink at something so serious. Oliver isn't a sinner because he sins. Like the rest of us, he sins because he's a sinner. He was born with a "corrupted nature." Right now it seems kinda cute, but of course in reality it is deadly serious. So deadly serious that someone in fact has to die for the sins (past, present, and future) of Oliver William Dutcher. The good news is that someone did.

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