Just Start Livin', That's the Next Thing on My List

There was a sign that I saw in a store several years ago that said, "I'm so far behind I thought I was first." I've felt like that for several months now -- behind and trying to catch up on things. My list of things to do seems to be growing longer. I add about five things to it each day and only cross off one.

I haven't always felt like this. There was a time when I seemed to be able to get nearly all the things on my list done. Meal planning, check; pay the bills, check; clean out the closets, check; order curriculum, check; record all the grades, check. And I would still have some time left over. Things are different around here these days -- and even though I don't get as much done, I wouldn't have it any other way. Oliver keeps us busy. He is on the go from the minute he wakes up, and he goes hard until it's time for bed. (As Brandon accurately put it, "he's a veritable Russell Westbrook.") And I know what I only thought I knew when our other kids were younger -- this stage doesn't last forever. It goes by so fast.

Every stage goes by fast, and seems to go faster as I get older. Lillie is already a senior, Mary Margaret is in ninth grade, and Jack Henry is 10. It seems like Lincoln was just 10. I'm trying to savor the time and prioritize what's really important. I know that there are some things that have to be done now (order curriculum) and some things that can wait (clean out the attic). I know to say yes when Jack Henry wants to play a game of "Life," even though there is a basket full of laundry in my closet and more in the dryer. I know that one day I won't remember that the school cabinets were cleaned out, but I will remember sitting around the kitchen table playing "Monopoly" with the kids. I know there are files I need to sort through and clean out, but I'd much rather be taking the kids to the pool or going to the library. So one of these days I'll cross everything off my list. My windows won't have smudges on them, the ceiling fans will be dusted, and I'll be caught up on e-mails and letter writing. But for now we're busy reading books, buying new pointe shoes, watching movies on the couch, and getting snow cones.

And maybe one day I'll be able to post pictures on this blog not long after I take them. But for now I'll keep doing the best I can. Here are some pictures from the past few months -- pictures I intended to post but never got around to posting.

We've spent lots of time exploring outdoors.
Playing with balls
Playing at the park
Coloring Easter eggs
Enjoying lots of "firsts" -- first Easter basket
Checking out Jack Henry's basket
Trying to get Jack Henry's eggs after discovering they had candy in them instead of being empty.
Returning to the Edmond Arts Festival
Eating funnel cake
and caramel apples
Family time
and evening walks
Baseball games
Playing with friends at the ballpark
Trips to the zoo
Feeding the animals
Falling asleep at the zoo
Redhawks game -- having fun even though it was a rain out
Reading with bubba
Going to Bricktown and eating by the canal
Finding new things to get into.  "Mom, you don't mind if I play with the Waterford do you?"
Spring Formal
Enjoying Oliver

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