June 20, 2012

The Very Picture of Love

Several years ago I entered a contest I saw in a magazine ad. It was a contest by Pillsbury to name two recipes. One of them was for these new bar cookies loaded with all kind of ingredients -- chocolate, different kinds of nuts, etc. I entered the name "Smorgasbars." The other recipe was for some kind of pizzas made in crescent rolls. The picture showed just a bit of pepperoni sticking out of the top. I entered the name "Peek-a-Boo Pizza." I'm not sure what the prize was -- I think it might have been a year's supply of something -- but I just knew I would win. I mean, come on, Smorgasbars? That's a pretty good name! Well, needless to say, I didn't win. I can't remember what the winning names were, but when I read them I thought that mine were way better. Brandon agreed, although maybe just to humor me.

This brings me to the topic of contests. Every once in a while I enter Pioneer Woman's photo contests. Unlike with my previous example, I don't have high hopes of winning -- there are some really good photos out there. If you haven't seen any of PW's photo contests you should check them out. My favorites have been dogs, happiness, coming home, and the most recent one, love. I entered a few this time around. I didn't make it to any of the group finalists, but that's okay. I still like entering and love looking at all the other photos.

Here are my "love" entries, as well as a few I didn't enter that make me think "love." My favorite pictures that I get of the kids are ones that aren't posed, but that I happen to snap when they are doing something and don't know I'm taking pictures.

Big brother and baby brother at the beach. I love this picture -- great memories of our family vacation.

Mary Margaret giving Ollie some love.

Jack Henry and Oliver the day after Oliver was born. I love this one too. It wasn't posed but was taken as Jack Henry was making sure Oliver's little head was all covered up.

Lillie and Oliver

This is a picture of my grandparents. I'm not sure who took it, but I love it.

I should have sent this picture in but didn't -- maybe next time. It was taken on a cell phone by my friend Kim. What I love about this picture are Oliver's little hands -- one hugging Lauren and the other grabbing her little hand. 

Big Sister
Mary Margaret holding Jack Henry when he was a baby. I love the sweet look on Mary Margaret's face.

My dad took this picture of Mary Margaret and Charlie. I love this picture and the look on both Mary Margaret and Charlie's faces.

My dad takes really good pictures and I told him he should enter some. He said this would be his entry.
Sweet, peaceful Anne Marie.

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