July 17, 2012

Birthday Party!

Lillie arrived home from church camp on Saturday night at around 10:00. Around 11:00, all four kids said they were going out to get Icees from 7-11 and they'd be right back. Jack Henry didn't think a thing about it -- as if it's perfectly normal for a 10-year-old to be out with his three teenage siblings on a Saturday night. And I didn't stop them because finally they were all home together for the first time all summer. I did make Jack Henry go to bed not long after getting his Icee, but when I peeked into the girls' room before I went to bed the older kids were all on the floor talking, catching up. Sunday morning we were all in church together, also for the first time all summer, and Sunday evening we celebrated Oliver's birthday. We were a week late, but it was worth the wait to have everyone there to celebrate.

Friends and family came to help us celebrate Oliver's first year:

At first Oliver wasn't too sure about his little cake and candle:

And he didn't know what to think about so many people singing happy birthday to him:

We had gotten him his own little cake to dig into, but he was a little reluctant:

Here, Oliver, have a little taste:

Once he got a taste, he decided it was pretty good:

And he seemed glad that everyone ignored the "no gift" policy:

 Thanks to all of our family and friends (and friends of this blog) for celebrating Oliver's first year with us!

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